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Welcome to Regional Institute of Ophthalmology, Kolkata
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Welcome to Regional Institute of Ophthalmology, Kolkata

Glaucoma Services

In India the prevalence of glaucoma in adults is about 3%. The clinic manages primary glaucoma which are mainly inherited, in addition to secondary glaucoma caused by trauma, inflammation, diabetes, retinal vascular diseases and cataract. Availability of the most diagnostic tools such as Humphrey's automated perimeter for visual field analysis, octopus, Applanation and Prekin's tonometer for the measurement of Intraocular pressure and 2, 3 and 4 mirror chamber. OCT for optic nerve head analysis. The Department of Medical College Hospital. 3D Spectralis OCT (Heidelberg) Scanning laser spectral domain optical coherence tomography, the latest state of the art imaging technology is now available at RIO Kolkata. This is the only machine in Eastern India which can simultaneously perform OCT, fluorescein angiography, indocyanine green angiography. Scanning laser gives very high resolution three dimensional OCT image of retina for better comprehension and evaluation of retinal disorders compared to time domain OCT.

Eye Bank at RIO Kolkata is highly equipped with the latest instruments and qualified oersonnel. Apart from having best storage facilities for donated corneas, it is having keratoanalyser for specular count of the donated corneal buttons, Slit lamp microscope, laminar air flow, Refrigerators for storing blood samples, tissues and storage media, serology equipment and Autoclave or gas sterilizer. The personnel have expertise in performing penetrating keratoplasty.

LASIK commonly referred to simply as laser eye surgery,is a type of refractive surgery for correcting myopia, hyperopia and astigamatism. Lasik at RIO Kolkata is a new addition. It is proud to be among few state Government hospital in India to have this instruments. It cal boast of one of the latest machine with best and most advanced microkeratomes for creating the flaps with least complication. The Lasik OT is also equipped with corneal topography, corneal pachymetry, and anterior segment optical; coherence tomography. Though it is still in his mascent stage, the performance till date is highly saticfactory for both the refractive surgeons as well as the patients.

  1. Tonometer -Contact & Non-contact(Measuring IOP)
  2. Automated Perimetry
  3. Nerve Fiber Analysis (GDxVCC)
  4. Ultrasound Pachymeter (Measuring Corneal Thickness)